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  1. Our Service
    Foursight Enterprise LLC is the newest sector of a well established worldwide E-commerce network based in China. We directly connect foreign suppliers with the rapidly growing market demands in China.
  2. Changing Times
    The Chinese generations of the future are becoming more and more Americanized. China's import value is increasing annually by 21% and is expected to reach $10 trillion in 2020. Never before has such a market opportunity been presented and we are ready to seize the day.
  3. Our Strength
    From our Beijing headquarters, we have been successful working within the Chinese market. Now, we are also a major shareholder of Baoshuidian, one of the big E-commerce companies in China with 50+ subsidiaries around the world and 10,000 consumer goods being actively traded from 40 different countries.
  4. Our Partners
    Foursight Enterprise has been granted exclusive supplying rights for all of North America for Shangpin, another highly popular e-commerce company. The demand, the marketing and the platform is already established. We need your quality products.
  5. Target Products
    Our team is professional, precise and efficient. We know what the growing wealth of China wants: foreign brand name clothing and luxury. Your quality and authentic American products will have huge sales potential in China. We are here to help our suppliers delve into this charming market.
  6. Connecting Nations
    Many American companies can see the opportunity that China offers but are cautious of several risks: Government regulation uncertainty, shipping logistics, and foreign market preferences. Foursight will oversee all transportation, port inspections and market tracking and we guarantee smooth transactions.
We are looking for new partners to join our team. No matter how small of a business you own or how big, we are willing to connect you with our resources and our partners to explore what new opportunities we can find together. We are here to build long lasting bonds and strong bridges bringing your great products to China. We will feature your authentic American goods on our e-commerce sites: '' and '' (recieving a total of 500,000+ hits/day) to market your unique products. Let us provide something that the people of China have never experienced before!

 Anna Ju 
    Foursight CEO

 Jim Rogers
   Famous American Investor

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